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adopt a cobber year 2 – november-

Last year, children in the 1st grade class had a tomb to decorate during the school year.

This is a new school year, these are new children ! Each pupil of the 1st grade class, could have a soldier to take care of his grave. They drew some puppies for them.


Chloé and John Turner

Mathis and George Benson

Mathilde and William Ryan

Agathe and Ernest Jentsch

Maïly and William Cuckson

Faustine and Kenneth Mortimer

Céleste and Alfred Tuck

Adam and Claude Ward

Hugo and Beroll Mendelsohn

Simon and Leslie Walsh

Gauthier and John Forrest

Thibault and Justin Breguet

Louison and Archie Mc Donald

Arthur and Henry Bell

Malo and Herbert Bolt

Victor and John Morley

Anaëlle and Eric Chinner

Antoine and William Higgins

Lohan and Eric Wilson

Morgane and Alfred Thompson

Tom and Matthew Hepple

Grégoire and Albert Pratt

  Baptiste and Edward Hope

Nathan and Gregory Stalgis

Léonie and Leslie Leister

Arthur and Colin Arnott

Aide pour l’Australie

Afin d’apporter notre aide aux Australiens touchés par les incendies, les enfants de l’école des cobbers participeront à plusieurs ateliers jeudi. Nous posterons des images des travaux la semaine prochaine, mais d’ici là, nous faisons appel à votre aide. Merci de lire le document ci-dessous !




During this month, Pierre Seillier came back to school.

He explained the stories of some Australian soldiers buried in Pheasant Wood Military Cemetery. 


With photos he brought, pupils made souvenir papers « Don’t forget my cobber ». We will put them at the entrance of the cemetery next week.

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